Current Ahnentafels Review

Written on 22 February 2015

A thorough review, edit, and update of all ahnentafel entries is underway to bring a bit of life back into the site. Though new research has stalled a bit over recent years, the interest is still alive. Thank you to all who have contacted me with information or requests to share.

Ahnentafel Housekeeping

Written on 12 February 2011

The information and histories for earlier generations – including Richard Hayes, John Jacobs, Henry Lewis, and Margaret Protherah and her ancestors – have been cleaned up and organized more effectively. The number of quoted passages and disorganization were threatening to get out of control.

Recent Progress Summary

Written on 19 July 2010

It has been a busy few weeks as I entered another burst of genealogical research and activity. One area I have tried to focus on is clearing out the backlogged sources and notes accumulated over the past six months or so. This, in turn, prompted me to catch up on the updates to various areas of the site:

  • A major breakthrough was made in the Welsh ancestors of Margaret Protherah three generations into the early 1500s and, if the Welsh pedigrees are to be trusted, possibly even to Cydifor Fawr (or Cydifor ‘The Great’), a local Welsh king who died in the late-11th century.
  • The core details of my Bohemian-Irish-Italian heritage have finally been entered and an ahnentafel made available on the site.
  • The core details of my Slavic ancestors have also finally been entered and the details incorporated in both the Annotated Ahnentafel and a separate ahnentafel.
  • The Bibliography page has been updated to include sources used in recent updates and revisions.
  • A new page has been created so I can eventually pull together and highlight research I conducted some years ago into the Minor League Baseball career of my great uncle Alexander Korponay, who played professional ball throughout the 1940s.
  • The links I often use have been updated and reorganized a bit.
  • Last, but not least, I have updated the To Do List so I do not lose sight of the many areas of research and documentation I still need or want to conduct.

All in all, a significant leap forward in terms of research and information available on the site. And that does not even include the organizing I have done offline simply to ensure everything has and is in its place. Having finally caught up in so many areas, I am now prepared to dig in and push ahead in a number of areas.

Tinkering Away

Written on 15 May 2010

To anyone that happens upon the site ... Yes, this is still very much an active research project. As is often the case, I work in bursts and make updates to the site behind the scenes or am tinkering away offline.

If you are doing related research, then feel free to contact me.

Establish Contact

If you think we share a family line, you have information to exchange, or you can correct inaccuracies in my research, then contact me by emailing This email alias changes when spam crawlers start using it. However, the email listed here will always be current.

Historical Maps

A selection of historical maps I am currently using during my research. Right-click the thumb to open the full map in a new tab or window. Some of these maps are very large (2MB).

From Left: Pennsylvania 1777 (noting the Kishacoquillas Valley); Pennsylvania 1877 (noting Lewistown, Mifflin Co and the surrounding area); Union Township, Mifflin Co, Pennsylvania 1876 (noting numerous Campbell farms)